Pablo Pijnappel | Walderedo


Pablo Pijnappel’s (*1979) most recent film, “Walderedo”, was shot in Brazil and Japan and traces the paths taken by his father in and between these two countries. In the wake of “Felicitas” and “Andrew Reid“, “Walderedo” continues Pijnappel’s consideration of narratives from his own family history (and stories).

In the process the artist works partly with found material and partly with material he produces himself. Throughout his oeuvre we detect an interest in how loosely related images can be combined into tales about people, their journeys, connections and memories. Pijnappel’s works do not document events or provide facts; instead they seize moments and weave a web composed of images and narratives, often blurring distinctions between the past and the present.

Installation Views

  • Pablo Pijnappel, Walderedo, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2006