Ernesto Caivano | Union and Offerings


We are pleased to announce the coming solo exhibitions from Erik Schmidt and Ernesto Caivano. In addition to this we are showing Sunset Flash by Paul Pfeiffer a private viewing.

In Bogen 51 carlier | gebauer is showing a new work from Ernesto Caivano. The artist, living in New York, has met with the most positive response in his country and has already exhibited in PS1 and the Whitney Biennal. Caivano works on a highly complex world of fantasy, founded upon a timeless epic, which continually produces new narratives, details and connections. A pair of lovers gets separated and the man is transformed into a knight, the woman into a space-ship; Caivano depicts the many mysterious stations of the odyssey that the pair take to in order to find each other. The odyssey leads to an enormous universe of fantasy, classical romance and high-technology wherein knights, princesses and crystalline nano-structures enter into various combinations.

Installation Views