Aernout Mik | Pulverous


We are happy to be able to present „pulverous“, Aernout Mik’s new large format video work, for the first time. „pulverous“ developed as an independent piece out of „55 minutes live exhibition – in two minds“, produced by Mik for Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum in cooperation with Toneelgroep Amsterdam. As in recent works by the artist, Mik investigates the dynamic behaviour of groups of people in space and time. 

„Mik’s focus is more on the side of social space, sometimes viewed from various perspectives through a multiplicity of shots. His works investigate the temporality of groups: partying throngs, political rallies, crowds gathering for reasons that remain obscure to us. (…) In recent works such as “Lumber” (2000) and “Zone” (2002) we encounter assemblies that make us confused in our attempt to categorize the imagery: Is this a post-catastrophic scenario, a political rally, or a rock festival reaching its decadent stage? In “Lumber” people linger in the mud, not unhappy with the situation. In “Zone” cartons are destroyed and put to fire; are these herds of kids playing or rioting? And then there is the work “Park” (2002) with its heterogeneous group of people and dogs surrounding a tree, some of the people sitting down and obviously communicating about something, others jumping frantically, or is it dancing? A man reading the newspaper, not paying any attention to his surroundings. Rave, picnic, rally for environmental activists? Whatever we’re waiting for, it appears delayed.“

Installation Views

  • Aernout Mik, Pulverous, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2003