Sara Barker | I become almost a shadow


n her first major solo exhibition at carlier | gebauer Sara Barker (* 1980) shows recently completed wall sculptures accompanied by large floor sculptures. Her works draw on the influences of painting, architecture, literature and drawing, both in a physical and metaphorical way. Through sensitive, almost tangible lines the artist defines surface and form. Painterly elements, utilizing colour tones reminiscent of specific places and atmospheres, which create spatial yet slender shapes evoking shard-like glimmers of reflected daylight. The geometric language of the works are reminiscent of architectonic constructions. Barker employs a process of reduction. Beginning with large sheets of aluminum, she reduces and edits down the material. The potent edited remnants, form the slivers and elements of her sculptures.

The title of the exhibition refers to the above quoted poem, Three by Ann Quinn. The extract brings attention to the particular innate character of the shadow as a double and replica of the original. Simultaneously it relays the idea of expansion into the space. In Sara Barker’s sculptures  shadow lines become part of the form. Despite the restricting frame the wall works give the impression of a drawing penetrating into the room.  Contrary to this her work on blackboards refuse to leave any trace of light on their surface thus refuting a shadow. Instead the intense black surface plays with the elements of the room, creating infinite depth and imbuing the sculpture with sharp contrasts and defining contours.

Installation Views

  • Sara Barker, I became almost a shadow, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2014

  • Sara Barker, I became almost a shadow, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2014