Dor Guez


carlier | gebauer is pleased to announce Dor Guez’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, opening Friday, 12 June from 6-9pm. A leading critical and artistic voice from the Middle East, Dor Guez interrogates both personal and official accounts of the past. Guez’s current exhibition with carlier | gebauer presents works from the first part of the artist’s ongoing project The Sick Man of Europe a five-part project that examines the military history of the Middle East through the lens of the lives and creative practices of individual soldiers. The first chapter of this project, entitled The Painter, was recently presented at ICA London and Villa Stuck Museum in Munich. Through films, archival source materials, photographs, and scanograms, The Painter tells the story of D. Guez, a Jewish Tunisian painter-turned-soldier who immigrated to Israel, and was conscripted into the army in 1973 to fight in the Yom Kippur War.

In his exhibition with carlier | gebauer, Guez will present a series of “scanograms” that relate to thirteen paintings made by D.Guez during the war. Guez utilizes the scanner as a form of camera. Each scanogram is made by layers of scanning, with each layer programmed to mirror a different aspect of the original painting: their surface textures, tears and creases, and evidence of handling.

Installation Views

  • Dor Guez, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2015

  • Dor Guez, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2015