A K Dolven | 2:57


With the exhibition ‘2:57’ we are presenting new video works and paintings by A K Dolven. The Norwegian artist has been working with these mediums in parallel for years and has developed her own very specific language for it.

“In the medium of video, Dolven, who now lives in London and Lofoten, explores aspects of colour, object and relationships within pictorial space with reference to the phenomena of traditional painting. The installation entitled portrait with cigarette (2000) shows the actions of a young woman in an old-masterly, predominantly motionless pose who, facing the camera, periodically breaks the silence with loud musical interludes by pressing the buttons of a remote control unit. In stairs (2002), Dolven immerses the scene in a light absorbing, deep velvet red. In both works, the space in which the action takes place is fixed and immobile.

In the projections shown in Schwerin, the artist incorporates the phenomena recorded by the camera into a highly structured, predetermined time scheme. The duration of the actions represented within the visual frame determine the duration of the projection and thus the duration of the work. Yet the internal logic of Dolven’s projections is not linked to a systematic model; instead, time is measured with reference to everday processes that unfold, for example, in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette or perform the daily ritual of dressing. In this way Anne Katrine Dolven explores sequences of time in fixed spatial structures which, thus isolated, become visible and accessible to reflection. Within them, viewers have the opportunity to experience frames of time that continually structure their own lives.”

Installation Views

  • A K Dolven, 2:57, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2002

  • A K Dolven, 2:57, exhibition view at carlier | gebauer, 2002