carlier | gebauer

Iman Issa, Proxies, with a Life of Their Own, exhibition at TAXISpalais Kunsthalle Tirol, 11 December, 2020 – 7 March, 2021

Caroline Mesquita, IN VIVO, exhibition at Pivô, Saõ Paulo, until 19 December,2020

Guillaume Leblon, special presentation, carlier | gebauer, Berlin, SUNDAY OPEN, 6 December 2020

Asta Gröting, Blinded and the best Light, 2020, special screening for SUNDAY OPEN, 1 November, 2020, 12-6 pm

Showroom, Gallery Weekend Berlin, 2020

Emily Wardill, Night for Day, Secession, Vienna, until 8 November, 2020

Cecilia Edefalk & Pakui Hardware, "– a breath? a name? – the ways of worldmaking", Biennale Gherdëina 7, until 20 October 2020

Iman Issa, Surrogates, Kunstmuseum, Sankt Gallen, until 9 August, 2020

Cecilia Edefalk, Homecoming, Norrköppings Konstmuseum, until 17 January, 2021

Cecilia Edefalk and Pakui Hardware a.o. at the BIENNALE GHERDËINA 7, 2020

08.08. – 20.10.2020

– a breath? a name? – the ways of worldmaking

The Zënza Sëida Cultural Association and the Biennale Gherdëina are proud to announce the inauguration of the 7th edition of the Biennale Gherdëina on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 across the public space of Ortisei, Val Gardena, in the picturesque landscape of the Dolomites, the celebrated UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Biennale Gherdëina with its focus on the public space as a stage for sculptural works and community-based, participatory projects, has always been perceived as a celebration of a unique place, its rich culture and a vivid local tradition. The circumstances of the forthcoming edition are particularly challenging. The pandemic crisis made us aware of the vulnerability of humans and nature. Resilience becomes a paramount urgency; the notions of shared responsibility and a humility as an ethical moderator of interpersonal relations gain a particular importance in an attempt to redefine the agencies of responsiveness and care. The Biennale Gherdëina 7th will reflect these concerns as challenges in the active processes of the world’s remaking. Here, the act of breathing (life) and the act of naming (recognition), as highlighted by this year’s Biennale title, constitute the framework of a political nature, the essentials of the “ecology of others”. As such, the Biennale Gherdëina 7th will celebrate the ethic of affirmation. In the words of the philosopher Rosi Braidotti: “we need to borrow the energy from the future to overturn the conditions of the present. It’s called love of the world. (…) Picture what you don’t have yet; anticipate what we want to become. We need to empower people to will, to want, to desire, a different world, to extract from the misery of the present joyful, positive, affirmative relations and practices. Ethics will guide affirmative politics”.

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Pakui Hardware, Antidote, exhibition view from Biennale Gherdëina 7 curated by Adam Budak, 2020
3 wooden sculptures, stainless steal pedestals

Pakui Hardware is the name of the artist duo, which exists since 2014 and whose name refers to a goddess from Hawaiian mythology. Pakui Hardware explores plasticity of bodies and their yet undiscovered potentials. They trace how diverse technologies expand, test and control these bodily promises. Hybrid materials that the artists employ correspond to hybrid bodies that surround us.

At the Biennale Gherdëina 7, the two artists present three works entitled “Thrivers”,a series of figures that fuse human limbs with various bodies of extremophiles. These are representations of unicellular organisms that thrive under extreme and hostile environmental conditions such as extreme cold, heat, acidity or radiation. As such they bring us messages regarding future scenarios. Additionally, they will present a new work especially made for the Biennale Gherdëina 7, entitled “Antidote”: three wooden sculptures based upon the artists’ signature language of an organic and biomorphic form.

Pakui Hardware, Antidote, 2020, from the series Antidotes
stainless steel pedestal (50 cm), 80 x 45 x 25 cm


Artistic duo Pakui Hardware, comprised of Ugnius Gelguda and Neringa Černiauskaitė, has been tracing how Capital travels through bodies and materials. By combining natural and man made materials, sterile and organic forms, the artists merged design, biology and art history into hybrid and curious creatures immersed in their autonomous environments.

Pakui Hardware (1977 and 1984, Lithuania) live and work between Berlin and Vilnius. Upcoming solo exhibitions include BALTIC Art Center, Newcastle; carlier | gebauer Berlin; Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren. Past solo exhibitions include Future Gallery Mexico, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (MdbK), Bielefelder Kunstverein, EXILE, Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna (MUMOK). Past group exhibitions include MOCO La Panacée, Montpellier; Liverpool biennial; Istanbul Biennial; CCA Tel Aviv; MAXXI, Rome; Musée d'Orsay, Paris; Kunshalle Basel; Kunstverein Braunschweig

Pakui Hardware, Antidote, 2020
from the series Antidotes, wood, stainless steel pedestal (50 cm)
80 x 45 x 25 cm, PH/2020/scu/21361


Pakui Hardware, Antidote, 2020
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